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Optimize Title Tags To Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

Search engine’s algorithms are changing day by day and its your responsibility to be updated with them to keep your blog/website scoring in search result page. Title is the most important thing of any webpage because it tells the search engine, what your page contains. Title of any page should be accurate, to the point and concise this will make you page looks more professional and also it will attract search engine bots. All of us know that title of any page is kept in between <title> and </title> tag. But today i am here with some of the useful techniques by which you can make your title tag more pretty to be crawled. So let’s check them out one by one:-

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1. Maintain Title Length Limit

5 characters -- 70 characters
Title Length Limit is very essential to keep in mind while writing article because if you will cross the limit of 70 characters, you rest of title will converted into “…” . You Must have seen while searching around web that some of the results contains “…” at the end of the title in blue colour.
Demerits of keeping title longer than 70 character
There is no penalty on keeping title length more than 70 character, You will not loose anything by keeping your title length more than 70. Just your rest of the title will not appear in search result page and hence if you have any keyword in the last portion of title then it will not be counted.
What is safe title length
Safe title length is between 5 to 70 character because if you will insert any keyword in between these title length then it can make you appear on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

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2. Page Title First Then Blog Title

As mentioned above, Title plays a major role in SEO. Thus using it properly can directly affect your overall SEO. We are talking about Page Title and Site Title.Site/Blog Title will remain same in all condition so there is no means of placing blog title first. Placing Page Title first will weight more than the Site Title first. For Example if you have a post Namely “This Is An Example Post Title” and your blog title is “Test Blog Title then if you are using your blog title at first position and post title at second position then it will look something like this “Test Blog Title | This Is An Example Post Title”. And let me tell you one thing that no one will search with your blog name. Therefore you should use Post Title First to improve your SEO.

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3. Use Keyword With High Search And Low Competition In Title

Using keyword is as important as breathing. Like you can not survive without breathing, Your blog can not survive in search engine without Keywords. There are many tools which can be sued in keyword research like Google AdWords, LongTailPro and many others. As keywords are very effective and important also but still you will need to use it very carefully because if you will insert too much keywords in your title and article also then you’re going to be slapped by Google.
There are few strategies which will make you feel bolder in using keywords. Here they are:-
  1. Using most strong keyword as the first word of your title will skyrocket your possibilities to come in 1st page of SERP.
  2. You have only 70 characters for title so use most strong keyword.
  3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing in titles, as it disobeys Google policies. 
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4. Avoid Using Stop Words In Title

The”, ”A”, ”Can” are some example of stop words which you should stop using in your page title. Because as i expressed above that title should not exceed 70 character and stop words it eat up the space where you can place a keywords. These adjectives are not counted as keywords by any search engine on web. Using too much these stop words will don’t let you go high. My recommendation is to use these stop words only where they are mostly required. Here i am giving an example, how you can remove stop words from page title.
With Stop Words:
Lumia 535: A New Phone At Great Price By Microsoft
Without Stop Words:
Microsoft Launches Nokia Lumia 535 : Low Price
Here i tried to remove stop words only. Don’t remember is it exactly Lumia 535.Smile BTW this is how you can try to minimize the use of stop words.

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5. Keep It Simple, Unique and Short

Keeping title simple and unique will attract creative minds to read your article and will also increase your conversion rate. A short but to the point title can gives you high no of traffic through search engine and let you be visible in SERP.

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6. Avoid Keyword Spamming

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine strictly hates spamming and spammers too. They also don’t want the rules violators to be in their market. So if you are thing that using too many keywords everywhere will make you earn some bucks then you are mistaken. Google even said that they can close your account any time they found you disobeying their rules. They can kill your blog within some days. They also have rights to seize your AdSense earnings and delete your AdSense account.

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These are some of the best techniques which can make you fly high. Doing Proper SEO is very important for online presence therefore don’t miss any of our SEO Series Articles. Subscribe and get notification directly to your inbox.


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