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Off Page Optimization Tips To Maximize Your Traffic

These days i am only publishing articles on increasing traffic and various ranks because i have also started this blog few weeks ago and those methods helped me a lot to gain some reasonable amount of traffic. I previously have shared about Driving Traffic Through Social Media and Blog Post Optimization Tips For Blogger Blogs but this time i am going to share some Off page optimization tips which can change your SERP rank and even drive some traffic to you. Let me first tell you what is Off page optimization.

What Is Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization refers to the factors that have some effect on your webpage including SERP Ranking, Page Rank, Domain Authority and many others. These factors are off page these are not controlled by us by coding of doing other things in our site. Off page means instead of tweaking your website, you will have to share your content on social media and build backlinks to increase your site performance.
Here are some  methods which can help you to do some off page optimization for your blog.

Some Of The Best Methods For Off Page Optimization

1. Join Blogging Community

Blogging community are a great place to build active readership. Interacting with other bloggers will polish your blogging skills and also drive some webmaster’s traffic. You can join as much community as you want but there is no means of joining 100’s of communities because you could not manage to get so much time to be updated on all community. So joining 2-3 communities is good enough for you.
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2. Engage With Your Fans and Followers

Don’t make your followers feel that you are lazy, Because nobody wants to follow a lazy guy. So keep sharing something new and interesting with your Fans and Followers on regular basis. This will skyrocket your reputation among fans and followers and if you will have a good reputation among your followers than they will never miss any update from you. And this will turn your fans into you daily readers.
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3. Build Quality Links To Your Site

When it comes to link building many people think that they can gain links by placing there links here and there but let me tell you Google strictly hates this. Google says that if you are found spamming in communities then your whole domain can be blocked from being search and you will be blacklisted in Google. To avoid being banning by Google you can follow these guidelines:-
  1. Get backlinks only from those websites which having Good Domain Authority, Good Page Rank and Good Page Authority.
  2. Only try to generate backlink with those blogs which are related to your Niche.
  3. Use mozRank to determine the popularity of website, even Alexa Rank is good but due to easy manipulation of alexa many people don’t trust alexa.

4. Make Some Guest Posts

Guest posting is very old technique but still very effective in bringing traffic from other blogs. Guest posts are just like a bonus for you, when you will publish a guest post on other website having good rank, and high flow of traffic then some of the reader must come to see your blog and if they find your blog effective then they will bookmark your page going to check it again and again. But before making any guest post you should first check these things:-
      1. Reputation of blog
           Checking rank before thinking of guest post is very important because if you will publish your post on a low reputation blog having very handful traffic then you will not get any benefit from that post. So it is strongly recommended to check the reputation of the blog. You can use mozRank, Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority to judge the reputation of a page.
     2. Niche of blog.
        Posting in blogs other than your niche can be a big issue for you blog. If you are planning a guest post then first find a good reputed blog in your niche and then publish your post.

Final Words

So, now you know most of the effective techniques which can optimize your blog. As i always say, you can not rank high only by off page optimization, you will also have to do some on-page optimization to your blog. Very thanks for staying and reading this articles. Let me know if i missed any thing here. Thank You. Keep Blogging.


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