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Top Post Optimization Tips For Blogger Blogs

Setting Permalinks In Blogger
Blogger blogs have been always first choice of every newbie and also some experienced bloggers. But when it comes to the SEO optimization, Bloggers blogs slide down to second position because WordPress blogs are found to be best for SEO optimization. It allows you to do all the SEO tweaks like Post Description, Post Meta and many other things. But we here are talking about Blogger blogs and its Optimization Techniques.
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Limitation In Blogger Blogs

As  i have said earlier, it is best to start with Blogger.com but when you want a blog that generate some revenue, then you will have 2 choices. Either you will have to learn in depth SEO techniques or You will have to move to WordPress. I am not disappointing blogger.com users but its true that blogger.com’s SEO is very limited. But don’t worry we are going to learn some best SEO techniques to optimize blog posts for better indexing.
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Optimization Techniques For Blog Posts

1. Blogger Post URL
Setting Permalinks In Blogger
    Posts URLs Optimization are great way to get Search Engine listings. You can rank high in search engine if you have some keywords in your title and post URL too. Try to maintain 50-70 words max for your post URL including some of the best keywords related to article.

2. Labels and Tags

Setting Labels In Blogger
  Labels are just for the convenient of people to browse posts from specific category. As Labels are Not Indexed by search engine but you can change your robots.txt to index them. You are free to keep your post in specific category but if you will not do it properly then your readers may face problems browsing your blog and they will bounce to another blog, which is not good for your blog. Only use 2-3 Labels per post and try to keep them in exact their category.

3. Posting Schedule
Scheduling posts In Blogger
Posting Schedule totally depends upon your country and type of traffic you want. If you want to attract US traffic (which is best) and you are from GMT +5:30 countries then you must plan you post at mid night then your post will appear there around 10 AM.

4. Keyword Density
Ideal keyword density is 2% for a ideal post for search engine. That means if you are writing a post having 500+ words then try to put at least 10-12 powerful keywords related to your article. A article having large no of keywords can be penalised by Google and if you will have less keywords then you will stay back in competition. So always be careful while using keywords.

5. Post Title
I have mentioned above that Post URL and Post Title are the two most useful things to rank in Search Engine. So you must keep you post title length between 5-70 letters. As search engine only reads your first 70 letters of your post title, try to insert some keyword in you post title.

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These are some of the best optimization techniques for blogger blogs. Also there are some other techniques to boost your SEO ranking but these are the basic and really effective. If a missed something then please let me know.
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