How to Create Free Logo for Your Blog

If you are planning to start a website/blog or already started one then the thing you must need for good exposure is a Professional Looking Logo. Logos are the first impression of your site which can leave a good impact on the mind of visitors. It is good practice to create a Simple, Clean and Quality Rich logo because a visitor first see the logo and if he likes your content then he/she must remember your site URL and Logo. Many website uses a logo in which URL of the site is written and that is good enough to make the visitor learn your website/blog URL easily at one sight. But not everyone have so much skills on Photoshop or other image editing software and also there are thousands Professional logo designing consultant who can create a logo for you but their price are very high, so we are introducing you to some free online Logo Generators. Now we will go through some of the best websites which can make a free and attractive logo for you.
NOTE: - Premium service is completely different from free one, so don’t expect premium treatment with free logo generators. If you are unsatisfied with free tools then you can contact a Graphic Designer or choose a Premium Logo Generating Service.

Free Online Logo Generators

These logo generators are free to use for personal use and if you want to use this logo for your business or company website then you will have to buy the Premium License.
Recommended to Install Flash Player on your computer.


FlamingText is a great website to create free professional looking Logos and Names in just couple of minutes. They have a large database of fonts and designs, you can choose your desired font and go ahead with it. FlamingText can also generate animated logos in .gif format for free. You can use any logos for free if you are going to use this for a personal blog or website. You will have to buy logo for Business Use. Let me tell you that their Free and Paid Service is not same, they have a different website LogoNut.com for paid users and it also contains a strong logo builder or editor along with this you will also have an option to choose a suitable image for your logo. So, if you are looking for a free Logo or Name generator then FlamingText can help you. Click here to go to FlamingText.com


LogoEase.com is a great logo generating service which let you customize your logo at its best. You can create logo in just 2 minutes. LogoEase is very reputed in free logo generation because of its easy to use panel and wide range of customization and beside of all that it doesn’t have any copyright issues. It means you can use logo wherever you want. They also provide a software which you can download which will save your priceless time. Just download it and use it whenever needed. You don’t have to pay even a single penny for this. Click here to go to LogoEase.com


LogoGarden is another free service which allows to create stunning logo free for you websites. First of all, you will need Flash Player installed in your pc to create logo on LogoGarden. Just like all others, they also offers DIY (Do it yourself) tool for logo. They have made their interface as clean as they can which helps us to understand and create logos more effectively. With this service you not only can generate name logo, but you can also insert images in your logos. There are hundreds of unique, meaningful and clean images for every purposes. You should give it a Try. Click here to go to LogoGarden.com.

I think three logo generators are good enough to create your desired free logo. So, just go and start creating your own logo for free.


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