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Why Many Newbie Quit Blogging Just After Some Weeks ?

why bloggers quit blogging?

Creating a blog is no very hard work but managing it is just opposite of it. Managing a blog is the toughest part of the blogging of a real blogger. Blogging is just like a game, but not everyone can play it perfectly. Those who know the rules and tricks can only play this game effectively. Blogging requires a high level of commitment and dedication, if a blogger don’t these then he/she should quit blogging today. They is no guarantee that one will start earning some dollar after giving a lot of years to blogging. If you have the right ideas and skills then only you can survive in this giant blogosphere. Here are some of the reasons I am presenting before you that are responsible for the death of many new blogs every day.

Lack of Contents Ideas

Contents are the backbone of any blog. They are the food for you blog, if you will feed your blog regularly with new contents then it will be healthy. If you are running out of content then don’t deviate and don’t copy others articles. This can be very risky step for your whole website. Google Panda 4.1 is especially for those who violates the rules mention by Google, Panda can blacklist your whole domain and this will kill your blog and blogging career too in few minutes. Therefore if you are copying contents from other sites then delete your all copied contents today and start a fresh blog with your own contents in your own words.

What to Do?
Newbies quickly ran out of content ideas because they don’t have experience of blogging and what kind can be published in that niche. There are many solution of this problem like:-

     1. Follow the blogs which are related to your niche (category).
     2. Join Blogging Forums and Directories.
     3. Always follow you the popular blog authors on Social Media.
     4. Join Pintrest and keep an eye on famous sites under your niche.

These are some of the best techniques which can help you to get new content ideas.

Disappointment Due To Low Traffic

Low traffic stats are another biggest thing which disappoint bloggers and many of them quite blogging. But let me tell you that traffic is not the one day task that if you have made some posts then you will start getting traffic. It requires regular work like Regular Commenting on Other’s Blog, Sharing Articles on Social media and many others.

What to Do?
Disappointment is the biggest enemy of a blogger, so don’t get frustrated of anything. Here are some checklist which you can follow to get out of frustration.
         1. Don’t feel disappointed of other bloggers with high traffic. A low traffic website can rank well in search engine and Alexa.
         2. Quality of traffic matters not quantity. A blog with 100 daily Unique visitors can rank around 100k in alexa. You can use Social Networking Sites to drive traffic.
         3. Readership and Comments are the GOD of all these. Try to make readers as much as you can.
         4. Follow other reputed bloggers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pintrest.

why bloggers quit blogging

Lack of Techniques and Skills

Skills are important not only in blogging but also in every fields of life. But we here are talking about blogging so there are some skills which are most essential in the life of a blogger like you should have some skills of web designing so that you can renovate your design as per your needs, you should have some SEO skills to get more exposure from search engine. There are some points which you should learn to make you blog grow in blogosphere.

What To Do?
        1. Learn to Write Post both for user and search engine.
        2. Learn some off page Optimization Tips.
        3. Learn Some On Page Optimization Tips.
        4. Learn more and more about Search Engines and their working Strategies.
I think a blogger with this much knowledge can inspire him/her to continue blogging. So keep reading our articles and keep blogging.


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