Why Your Alexa Rank Is Not Increasing?

Alexa rank depends on various factors like traffic, update frequency, backlinks and many others. This means you are not ready to go just by creating and posting some articles to your blog. You will also have to do a lot of thing to increase your alexa rankings. As I said above alexa rank depends on many factors but traffic plays the most important role in this. If your blog have decent amount of traffic then your rank will also be good. Here are some of the factors on which alexa rank deflects.

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Some Words about Alexa you should know

Alexa doesn’t disclosed the time of updating their ranks but in many cases if it found to be updated on Monday. It totally depends upon the rank you already have. If your rank is below 100,000 then you are more likely to see the change every 2 days. And for alexa ranks greater than 100,000 are more likely to update weekly.
As per the alexa announcement they are going to increase their Global Traffic panel by November 2014. This will make their matrices more accurate and they also said that from then they will not only count the toolbar hits but also calculate hits for those who have alexa widget installed on their websites. If your site is ranked near 100,000 then your ranks can fluctuate many times in a single day. Below are some tricks which you can check out if you fulfil this list or not.

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Low Amount of Toolbar Traffic

In many case it is seen that a blog having thousands of unique visitors is unable to rank high in alexa. This happens because of the type of traffic a blog is receiving. As we all discussed on our earlier post that alexa only counts those visitors who have alexa toolbar installed. A blog which attracts webmasters traffic always rank high. If you are a blogger then you must use alexa toolbar and also tell your visitors to use alexa toolbar, this will help you to rank high in alexa. You can install alexa toolbar here.

Don’t Have Claimed Your Site Yet

If your site is new then it is best to inform alexa (claim your site on alexa) that you have created a website. This will help alexa to analyse your website and give to a perfect rankings. There are many advantages of claiming your site on alexa like larger Bounce on rankings, regular update, given priority over un-claimed sites. These differences are quite enough to rank your site better than ever. If your site is old and yet you haven’t claimed then claim now and see the change, your rank will bounce suddenly. Go here to claim your blog now.

You are not updating you blog regularly

Regular updating is good both for alexa and search engine ranking and it also keep turning your visitors into readers. Regular updating is not that you publish 3 articles first day and 1 article second another day and no article on third day, this type of zigzag posting can confuse crawler to crawl your site. Keep posting articles on same interval of time e.g. 1 article per 3 day or 3 article per week or anything you want but always maintain the time gapping between posts.

No Search Engine Traffic

Search engine traffic is vital for any ranking system either it is alexa ranking, moz Ranking or any other rankings. All of them relies on search traffic as search traffic generates more pageviews and ales decreases Bounce Rates. Getting good position in search engine can bring you good rank. Submitting your site map to google and out other SEO articles can help you to get better search engine rankings.

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