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Complete Search Engine Optimization Series For Blogs and Websites

SEO is a big headache for bloggers and solely of bad SEO many bloggers fails to reach the success. You mush have read my post “Why bloggers quit blogging, in which i have explained all the possible reasons which make a blogger quit blogging and also some brief solution of those problems. But today i am here with a completely new series of post which is about SE Optimization of blogs. This series will be very effective for those who are completely new to blogging or those who are working hard but didn’t get any result.

What's Special In This Post ?

In this post i am going to cover each and every aspect of SEO from beginning. As SEO is endless therefore i will try to share my best to you. In this series, every post will be well explained, i will also present some graphical representation which will help you to understand Search Engine more better than ever. These posts will solve all your problems about Search Engine and its optimization.

We will go through only the best genuine (White Hat) way to attain good position in Search Engine because black hat methods can not survive for long.

What You Will Get In This Series Of Posts ?

You will get all the detailed information, tricks and essential tips to optimize your blog to make your blog perform better than ever. In this post we will learn many things but i would like to represent few of them to you. The post Series will content:-

  1. Optimize Title Tags To Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly
  2. How To Use Meta Description Effectively To Gain Organic Traffic
  3. How To Make Your URLs SEO Friendly
  4. Use Proper H1,H2 ... H6 Tags For SEO
  5. Using Canonical URL Tag.
  6. Appropriate Content Length.
  7. How Search Engine Works For Webmasters.
  8. Using SEO Friendly Design For Your Blog.
  9. Effective Keyword Research Using Free Tools.
  10. How To Use Keywords Safely in Article.
  11. Using H1 tags safely, otherwise loose your blog.
  12. Where to use “dofollow” and “nofollow” in your blog.
  13. Using Images in your content.
  14. More About Sitemaps and their Optimization.
more will be added soon.

Don’t miss any article in this series

This series of articles is going to cover the most part of SEO which will make your blog attract more search traffic. And if you want to run the race then you can’t afford to miss any tips.So if you want a reminder then just enter your email and Subscribe to our newsletter below and you will be notified when a post is published.

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