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5 Best Blogging Apps For Android Phones

Android Blogging Apps
After reading many posts of this blog, you must be aware that blogging is not a joke. It needs a high level of commitment and dedication. Beside of this you will also have to take SEO along with your blogging journey. The most important thing which makes blog popular in short span of time is posting frequency.Posting frequency means “How many posts you are posting Daily/Weekly/Monthly”. You should maintain your maintain your posting frequency and for this you will need your PC. But what if you are Unable to access your PC or Out of Town or On Vacation etc. If you are unable to post something to your blog on your posting frequency then you could loose your ranking and some loyal visitors also. Therefore it is mostly recommended to post on a regular interval. Here Blogging Mobile Apps can help you. Blogging Mobile Apps are great if you are travelling, on vacations or anything else. These apps are free to download and use and are user-friendly. There are many features of these mobile apps and we are going to unfold all the details of these mobile apps.

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Blogging Mobile Apps

1. Blogger
Blogger Android App Screenshot
Blogger is famous blogging platform owned by Google Inc. This app let you publish apps on the go, edit previously published posts, add images to posts, add labels to post and many other. This app is very small and supported in all type of Android OS. Additionally this app can manage all your blog in same dashboard. This app is easy to use and small in size. Install this app from Google Play Store.
2. WordPress
Wordpress Android App Screenshot
Wordpress for Android is a powerful app to manage your wordpress blog on the go. This app is developed by wordpress developer and equipied with many good features like Creating a new post, editing old posts, adding images, viewing stats ( if jetpack plugin installed ) and many more. You will feel like you are working on your PC. Download Wordpress For Android Here.
3. Google Analytics
Google Analytics For Android Screenshot
Google Analytics app is a must have app for every blogger because it offers a very neat Interface. There are almost all features in this app as compared to desktop. This app is very small and consumes less memory in its working mode. You can track Online visitors, country, pageviews, Unique Visitors and many more. Give Google Analytics Android App a try, Download it here.

4. Feedly
Feedly Android App Screenshot
After Goolge Reader Shut Down, Feedly became the most popular feed reader. This app let you follow all your favourite blogs and keep all them in one place. It means you can noe read all the articles from different blogs without opening your browser. This app is very ideal to get unique ideas about contents. Download It Here.
5. Buffer
Buffer Android App Screenshot
Buffer is a cool app which helps you to post your content into different social networking sites. It can post to Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and many others. You can also schedule the posting task on a specific time and this app will do your work. This app is very ideal for sharing and managing your blog. Download It Now.

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These are some of the Blogging Apps For Android Phones which can enhance your blogging journey. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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