5 Ways To Make Blog Better : Non SEO Techniques

These day crowd in blogging is increasing and getting traffic is also very tough. Many bloggers are struggling for a long time because improper techniques and ideas. If you want to make some reputation in blogging then you should have to understand your audience first and then you will have to make necessary adjustments to your blog like design, posting schedule and other things. Here we are going to follow some of the best techniques which will enhance your blog and user interaction(comments, pageviews, etc. ) too. So let’s check them out one by one:-

Improve Design Of Your Blog

1. Make It Look and Work Better

It is big truth that design attracts visitors but it is not followed everywhere. You might have heard that don’t look its beauty, see for its quality. But if you make both perfect then you rock. make your blog design simple and readable. Some tips to improve your design are:-
  • Make texts visible clearly.
  • Use Google fonts for texts.
  • Don’t place too much advertisement in your design, they may ruin your blog.
2. Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly sites get more visitors because majority of people uses cell phones to browse through their favourite sites. There are 68% mobile user in the web and you can not ignore them. Choosing a responsive theme for your blog can solve your problem of mobile users. Responsive designs looks great in mobile devices too, so you don’t have to care about user experience. So after choosing a responsive theme you are ready to welcome mobile users.

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Improve Readability Of Your Blog

1. Quality Content:-

“Quality Content Is King” as always it actually works till date. Major Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing also give priority to quality content’s blog. After PageRank, it is the only major thing which helps search engines to rank your site on SERP’s. So don’t ever compromise with content of your blog.

2. Long and Descriptive Posts

Long posts are ideal to reduce bounce rate and to increase interaction of blog with audience. Any person searching for a specific thing, expects full descriptive and detailed information from the website they are going to click. And if you satisfied them then you can expect that visitor to come back again. It’s all about user satisfaction and if you fails then you loose.

3. Give Priority To Tutorials

Tutorials and How To posts are best for a new blog because these type of posts can rank very high in search engines and a single post can improve your blog’s traffic. Moreover Tutorials solve problems of individual very smartly so you could get some subscribers also. I have heard many times that one post is making 100’s of dollars through AdSense.

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Using Images Correctly

Images speaks thousand words and are also looks great but only if you have a appropriate image for your post. Unrelated images looks worthless and also eats space of one good image. Well you can  grab free images from free photo sharing sites like “freedigitalphotos.net”. On other hand using a strong keyword rich Alt and Title tag is also important if you are hungry for search traffic(like everyone). There are few tips which i would like to cover is:-
  • Use of Alt tag is very Important.
  • Insert the best keyword in Alt and Title Tags
  • Avoid Copyrighted Images.
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Use Video To Describe Well

Videos woks great if your post is any Tutorial or How To. And for many others too but these two are the most important one and if you are writing a tutorial then try to embed a video at last of the post with every step explained. You can use screen capture tools to make our own tutorials and use Youtube, Viemo to host your videos. But also keep in mind  that videos can increase your page loading time and it is not at all good. A fast loading website is always appreciated. So it is recommended to insert video only on that post where it is required mostly.

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Use Social Media

Social media are the easiest way to drive referral traffic to your blog and is in use by thousands of reputed bloggers. As there are countless no. of social networking sites, you can use even hundreds of them but you will not get enough time to manage all your profiles. So i am listing here the top three social sites which can drive your thousands of visitors daily.

1. Facebook :- Well reputed and also have huge no. of users. So it is more easier for you if you will share your posts here. You should make a friend circle of bloggers first and then share links on your profile. Here are some bonus tips:-
  • Share On Your Wall
  • Share Of Your Page.
  • Share On Related Groups.
  • Ask friends and Audience to share your links.
2. Twitter :- Twitter can also boost your traffic only if you have a decent no of followers on twitter, which is hard to get. But you can put some share buttons below post to solve your sharing problems.

3. Google + :- Google’s social networking site and very important for blogger.  Your shared post can easily get Google's attention and could rank high also. It is used by most bloggers so if you want an organic boost then you should try sharing n Google+. Here are some Tips:-
  • Post on Your Page
  • Share on your profile
  • Add +1 Button below posts.
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I thinks these are quite enough to make a blog stand well in blogosphere. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter. Do must share your thoughts and views with us.


  1. This is very informative. I've been using them gradually when I started blogging in 2011 and my two blog sites humbly received a recognition from our local award-giving body. Then it was followed by an increase of its readability. I just did it by searching from the web.

    1. Thanks Gill. For Your Feedback.
      These tricks are all time best and work like charm till date.
      Your comment is appreciated.