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Heading(H1,H2,…,H6) Tags For SEO

Heading tags are important part of a webpage because it categorize the content into different sections. But using it properly is quite important because it also plays an important role in SEO of any blog. For example:- Google recently announced to use only one H1 tag in one page. It means we are in great trouble if we are using heading tags in improper ways. So here i am going to suggest you some tips which you will have to keep in mind while writing your next blog post.

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Advantages Of Using Heading Tags

Heading Tags not only increases the readability of your article but also supports your blog’s SEO. Most of the search engines are very concern about heading Tags and Keywords inside them. It is  good practice to use Heading Tags to categories different section of your post.

Good Place For Keywords

Heading Tags are marked as one of the best place to use your strong keywords moreover you can also use long tail keywords which increases the chances to get indexed in the 1st page of search result page. It is also recommended to use appropriate keyword in the heading tags because you can not insert too many keywords in headings.

Use H1 Only Once

As per Google’s Latest update “Panda”, they announced to use H1 tag one in every page. Means You can not use H1 tag more that one time in a web page. You may not use H1 tag but it is very good for SEO if you are using this only once in a page. H1 is also recommended for top-level heading.

Increases you readability and User Experience

H2,H3 and all others can increase the readability of your blog because they look much prettier and make post easy to read because it divides post in different sections.

More Tips:-

* You can use as many H2,H3,…H6 tags depending on the size of your post.

* Google focuses on Heading tags in Page Snippet.

* You can decorate heading tags as per your requirements.


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