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Best Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

Blogging is all about getting some decent readers who follows your blog and that is the most toughest thing about blogging. Getting loyal readers in this crowded blogosphere is going to be very tedious task because there are millions of blog out there and some of them have already good popularity. But as we all know that traffic is not going to end, if there are millions of blogs then there is thousand billion pageviews daily made by web surfers. So traffic is not going to end then you can dream of huge traffic. There are hundreds of tips and tricks to increase traffic dramatically but many of them are either blacklisted or not working any more these day. Therefore we are here with some of the tips which can help you to increase your traffic and also help you to track them correctly.
But first let me tell you that traffic is not a one day diet, you will have to follow these tips and tricks regularly in order to increase your traffic. Now, Let's check them out one by one.

Satisfy Your Audience

User satisfaction comes first, even before SEO. If your audience is happy and satisfied then your blog will take no time to be popular on web. You might have seen some websites having rare search engine visibility but holding a great PageRank and Alexa Rank, this is the example of satisfied users. Satisfied audience share your contents and if tey are webmasters then they can also link to your contents. So it will be more effective if you will pay more attention towards your audience than SEO. ere are some tips to make your readers happy.

1. Describe Everything Correctly
While writing on a topic, keep in mind to start from very beginning because if a newbie hits your blog then he/she should not be disappointed. Also make your writing easily understandable, write it in that way that a 15 year old child can understand easily. While writing a post try to go depth. Explain everything sequentially and also use images and videos to make your article strong. If you satisfied a visitor then there is more chances that he/she will come back again.

2. Respond Comments and Solve Problems
Responding to your visitors will make your relationship strong with your visitors and convert them in your readers. Sometimes we bloggers also have to face spam comments like links, ads etc. so we should try to remove all those comments immediately because if the links were malicious then the visitor will establish a negative thought about your blog. On other hand many visitor use comment box to interact with admin/publisher/author to discuss there problems and its your duty to reply them as soon as you can.

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Apply Proper SEO Settings

SEO comes after the satisfaction of the visitor and is most important to gain organic traffic (i.e traffic from search engines). Google’s made it more tough to get higher rankings without proper SEO techniques and adjustments with their latest algorithms. I already had posted a bunch of articles about SEO, you can read them here.
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Get Help From Social Media

In my previous post i had explained the use of Social media in making your blog better. Now i am going to tell you How Social Medias can help you to grow your brand new blog/website. Here are some tips to do the same.

1. Encourage Peoples To Share Your Post
Good posts  always get shares but still if you want to increase your shares then you will have to use some strategies. Quality of your post can change your visitor’s mind to share the post or not, so keep this in mind while writing. You can also ask peoples to share your post. Generally requesting peoples to share your post is placed at last of article because after reading the article, if visitor have 1% possibility to share your post and you will ask them then you can get a share. You should also beautiful put share buttons just below the request section to increase share. Floating share buttons also fond to be very helpful to increase shares. So use above tactics to boost your social media exposure.

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2. Run Giveaways To See Magic
Giveaways magically gives you the unmatchable results because there are thousands of people  who keep looking for latest offers and giveaways. Giveaways can give you instant result because these type of posts get thousands of shares online and brings you thousands of traffic too in same day. But giveaways requires money because you will have to give something to the winner. So if your budget is low then you can’t think of a giveaway. I will make a post on How To host giveaways in detail but for now let me tell you some tips:-
  • Use Share based giveaway:- Means the person who shares your post and bring you the highest amount of traffic will win.
  • Use Google Analytics:- There are many fake traffic method which can push your site and money in danger. So if you want a fair gameplay then you should use Google play because it will not show and fake traffic and also let you track a lot of things like Bounce Rate, Referral etc.

Comment In Relevant Blogs

This is what every blogger like. Just surfing sites, reading comment and throwing comments. But keep in mind that don’t put links on unrelated blogs and those who don’t allows to put links on comments. Also you should hunt for some CommentLuv blogs related to your niche because it allows you to put your links on other blogs and it too without breaking any rules. Commenting is important because it gives your blog a backlink and also some referral traffic. My one comment on moneygossips.com drove 100+ visitors within few days. So make comments but follow the rules.

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Capture E-mails Before They Leave

You should always try to increase your subscriber’s list. And to make your visitors subscribe to your posts, you should use some techniques which i am going to tell you briefly is:-
  • Use OptIn Forms
  • Put Subscription Box Below The Posts.
  • Use Popup Optin after 30 seconds-1 minute To Caputre E-mails.
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Well this post became lengthy but it contains a lots of beneficial tips which can make your blog fly.So if you want to catch more articles like this then subscribe in above subscription box to get into our mailing list. Thank You.


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