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Content! The most important part of blog which makes people to stay longer on your blog, send feedback(comment), share content and even generate more pageviews. A blog with good quality and quantity is always appreciated by both search engine and visitors. Also while talking about quality content, we can’t ignore “Keywords”, the magical words that brings organic traffic to your blog and help you to climb ladders of search result. Keywords when used properly are proved to be a golden step but if misused or used incorrectly then get ready to be slapped by search engines. Now let’s go to the point which should be considered for writing a quality rich article.


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1. Maintain Word Length Of Minimum 500 Words


Whenever writing an article, we should describe the whole storyline briefly and also we should try to maintain the minimum word length of 500 words. It is not necessary that you should write only 500 words post, you can write a post with your own word length i.e. from 50 words to 5000 words and more. The concept behind the 500 words minimum is that the more your write, the more information your visitors will get. And if your users are happy then you are happy. Also there is one concept about search engine. If you will write a short post then there is more chance that your article will match with billions of articles which are already published and if you will write a thousands words long post then there is no-chance to get matched with any other article out there. So this is the whole concept behind writing a long post.


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2. Use Keywords and Maintain Its Density


I already said that keywords are magical words which grabs organic traffic. Using keywords is always being a very sensitive thing because if you use it below the mark then it is totally waste of time and if you exceed the limit then you will get a very bad response from search engines. There are plenty of tools which can help you to discover your desired keywords but the most popular and also free one is “Keyword Planner”. You can use this tool to grab your keywords but what about using them in your article. You should always keep in mind that your keyword density should not exceed the 2% of total length of article. Means if your article is 500 words long then you can use only 10 keywords max. So we have a very limited space for keyword so choose those type of keywords which have high search rate and low competition. This is the basic mantra of keywords in blogging.


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