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How To Optimize Images For Better Search Engine Rankings

Optimizing images For Better Search Engine Rankings
 Do you want your site to be fully optimized ? Then you will have to work hared for every corner of your blog. Optimizing Images is one of them. Many thinks that they will put a beautiful and attractive image and all ready. But let me tell you that uploading image is not the all you will have to do. You will have do some other small things with your image to not only grab the attention of you Readers but also the search engine spiders. Performance of your image is solely  depended on your efforts. You can do below mentioned things to climb one step on SEO ladder.
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Adding ALT Tag

ALT or “Alternate Text” tag provide some useful description about the image. Sometimes when our readers are using any Text Browser then this text is displayed to the user in place of image and he or she can understand by the help of text displayed that there is image. Not only the readers but also the web crawlers uses this tag to store some data with image uploaded. If you are going to use ALT tag with your images then there is no need to use Title tag. You can use both at a time but is is not necessary.
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Adding Title Tag

As search engines can not see your images, they can not judge where to place your image in their huge directory. And this can be a big hole in your SEO. Title Tag can solve your problem. By adding title tag to your every image you can tell search engine robots to place your image in relative category. If your images will be fully optimized then they can also drive handsome traffic from Google Image Search or Bing Image Search.
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Using Compressed Images

Compressed images are ideal in every aspect weather it is User Experience or Robots Attention. Every wise web designer of blogger are using compressed images just because to reduce page loading time.If you are using compressed image then your page loading time will be reduced by 20%-30%, which is big difference. Page loading time is a big factor for SEO. Fast and clean sites were given priority in Search Engine Result Page. So using Compressed Images can be a golden step for you.
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Try to Use Your Own Images

Here own images means, use own created image instead of using other’s image. If you are using images which are already uploaded on internet then there will be very little chance that your image will get good ranking. Recently Harsh Aggarwal (ShoutMeLoud) declared that his traffic from Image Search has been increased by using Own crafted Images. You don’t have to be expert in image editing, you can combine some images together or you can also put text on images to create your own design.
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Final Words

Optimizing Images can not be done by editing theme file, it is done at the time of writing your post. These above list of useful suggestion can be applied on every type of blog either it is Blogger or Wordpress or any other, doesn’t matter. If you are facing any problems tweaking your SEO then you can ask me in comments.


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