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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Social Media

Driving Social Media Traffic To Blog

Traffic is the most important thing a blog needs to run smoothly but its not so easy.  If you don’t have traffic then there is no means of producing Quality Contents at all because no one is there to read your article. Many blogger get demotivated and ditch blogging just because of lack of traffic. But you can optimize your blog for search engine to attract search engine traffic. I already had shared many articles to optimize your blog for Search Engine. First you should read them.
Now the question arises how we can drive more healthy traffic to our blog. This is what i am going to share in this article. Today i am going to share some of the best social media technique which can help you to increase your traffic by 70%-80%, which means a lot.
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Driving Social Media Traffic

Driving traffic from social media is quite easier than other methods like blog commenting, back link building. You just have to send regular update to your social media followers. There are various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and many others which can drive huge amount of traffic to you.

Driving Traffic From Facebook

I don’t need to tell you how huge is the network of facebook. There are several billion people on facebook who are active. I think you must know, How to create a Fan page. Create a fan page and invite your friends to like you page and after that and start sharing your blog updates in your fan page. Being regular on your fan page can increase your fan page likes also. So always try to share something new with your audience.

Driving Traffic From Twitter

Getting followers in twitter is a bit harder than getting likes on facebook. But try to get more followers because the more follower you have, more your tweet will be seen and hence more traffic you will receive. The all thing you have to do is just create a Twitter account with you blog name and address and start twitting and also ask you friends to re-twit you article.

Driving Traffic From Google +

Google + also follows the same rule like twitter. You have to collect followers first, then your post will be shown to you followers. But in Google + you can create a page and share you blog posts on that page. Blogger users can share post automatically to their Google + profile or page after they publishing post.

Driving Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming a site where peoples can read the articles of their choice. But for sharing your articles in pinterest first you have to create a Board for your blog, this will make people follow your board easily. If your board have some good keywords then it can also be shown in search engine result page.
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Final Words

Sharing you posts on social media regularly is a good habit. This can increase you traffic and social media reputation also. Here i am showing the 4 major search engine only because there are more than 1000 search engine and writing about all his is not possible. There for can also increase your traffic by a large amount. So be regular and updated to search engine.


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