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5 Ways To Increase Alexa Rankings Quickly And Safely

Increase Alexa Rank Fast

Alexa rank is the one of the most popular factor for comparing websites and blogs reputation. Since there are many others to do this work but Alexa Rankings are the first choice for everyone. If you have a better alexa rank, then the possibilities of your blog to earn some real dollar will be increased. There are many ways to increase alexa rankings but most of them are Blackhat Methods, I will not recommend to use any black hat methods to increase your alexa rankings because if Alexa noticed that you are using Blackhat Methods then it will ban your site for ever and will never going to give you rank. So keep a distance with black hat methods. Now lets start from Basic….

What is Alexa Rankings and How It is Measured

As I have already said  Alexa is the most popular ranking system in the world. Their rankings were calculated on the amount of traffic you received via Alexa Toolbar installed browser. This is the only way that alexa can track your rankings. Alexa Toolbar sends every data like Time Spent on Site, Bounce Rate, Page views per visit and many more. Now let’s see how we can boost our Alexa rankings in just a week.

Tips To Increase Alexa Rankings

1. Install Alexa Toolbar
     Alexa Toolbar is a really and only working tools that can help you to do this magic in a very less time. Just Install Alexa Toolbar in your browser and start visiting you site minimum 3 times a day and you will see slight change in your Alexa Rank. Also ask your visitors to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser so that whenever your visitors will visit your site one visit will be credited to you.

2. Register Your Website On Alexa.com
      Registering your website/blog on Alexa’s site is also helpful in many ways because if you have registered yourself alexa then they will notice your website/blog and start collecting data about your site. This method is recommended for new websites/blogs who didn’t get rank till now. If you have a well rank then this method also works.

3. Install Alexa Widget To Your Website/Blog
     Alexa Widgets are the badge that shows the rank of you site. This website is officially provided by alexa and is updated frequently. The benefit of installing this widget on your website is whenever someone will open your website, it will send request to alexa and call the widget and hence for every visit it will call the widget from alexa and your rankings will slide.

4.  Update Your Blog Frequently
   Updating blog frequently is the greatest factor for any web based ranking system. Even you will get noticed by search engines if you regularly update your blog. Regular update means you should fix a time to update you blog and follow your routine. Your update could be Daily, Every 2 Days, Every 3 Days, Every Week and whatever you want. But try to update you blog with a small time difference.

5. Get Certified on Alexa ( Optional )
    Getting certified on alexa is not a tough job at all but you will have to pay some amount to them. If you are certified on alexa then you can see additional statistics in your dashboard like Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Competitions and a lot more. This method is optional because these things you can also do with some other free tool.

Final Words

There are lot more factors to increase the alexa rankings but I am only  sharing the top 5 method for increasing alexa rank. I have tried my best to instruct you but if I missed something of you have any problem then drop a comment in the comment box.


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