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Best Google Adsense Alternatives of 2014 : The Brief List

Google Adsense Alternatives in 2014
AdSense already gained a lot of popularity in the field of Entrepreneurship and Blogging. Everyone wants to earn something from his blog but this is too hard to get a earning blog in todays blogosphere.Due to too much rush in blogging, AdSense just tighten their rules to maintain their quality. We all know that AdSense is also known for banning accounts, means if you are not following its guidelines strictly then they must throw you out of the game. But here we are going to talk about some of the Best AdSense Alternatives for this year. So Here the list begins….


Infolinks Alternative for google adsense in 2014
Infolinks is a great PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising network. This is a In-Text advertising network which means you don’t need any ad space to earn money with this program. They place their ads in the popular keywords in your contents and when any visitor clicks you ad, you will  be paid.


BuySellAds Alternative for google adsense in 2014
If you have a lots of ad space in your blog and want them to utilize then BuySellAds can help you to sell your ad space to other Advertisers.There are various ways to earn with BuySellAds like you can fix your Ad-Slot’s rate, Per Tweet Rate, CPM rate and many others. Getting approved by BuySellAds is not a very tough job but you will have to fulfil their long list of requirements before you start making money. If you once get approved by BuySellAds then they will never going to ban you.


Chitika Alternative for google adsense in 2014
Chitika is much similar to Google AdSense because both displays Search Query Related Ads which can boost the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your blog.Most Publishers are using Chitika because of their Minimum Payment, High Rates and many others golden features.


Yahoo and Bing Alternative for google adsense in 2014
This is the another giant after Google AdSense. Media.net is a new advertising network which is managed by Yahoo and Bing. They allows publisher to customize their ad units to fit their blogs designs. Its payout rates are also high as compared to many other similar advertisement network.

Final Words

We are not promoting any network in our post. It is just to help peoples who are confused between thousands of ad network. All of the above Ads networks are verified and have good payout rates. You can apply to any one but first you will have to read their minimum requirements for approval. If you found any problem regarding Ads Networks then you can drop a comment below.


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