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Top Factors That Determines Google Page Rank

top google ranking factors
PageRank shows the trust of Google on your site. PageRank of a site defines the position of the page in search engine result for particular keyword. Google doesn’t yet disclosed the factors on which they rank websites but these are the some experimented method which can help you to increase PageRank of your website.

1. Link Building

Link building is the process of making links to your blog from other blogs. This is very crucial for PageRank because when Google crawl other reputed sites and find your URL then it will add you to their list. No of links is also important but not as the quality of links. It is better to get 10 high quality backlinks than 100 low-quality backlinks. There are some points in link building which I think you should consider while building links.

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       1. Maintain Do-Follow and No-Follow Ratio
             As we all know that do-follow links were counted for PageRank but if you will only making Do-follow backlinks then Google will penalize you by decreasing your PageRank. You can comments on other reputed blogs to your niche to get no-follow backlinks.

       2. Build Backlinks Relevant To Your Niche
              Building Links here and there will leave a bad impact on you web reputation and can also be responsible for banning your domain. The only way to avoid this is build links with high PR blogs which are related to your niche, no matter do-follow or no-follow.

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2. Publishing Frequency

Regular posting is a good way to impress search engines and also many other ranking companies link alexa.com. Posting frequency totally depends upon your abilities. You can post 2-3 post per day or 1 post per day or 1 post per 2 day or even 2 post week but keep in mind that you should not deflect with your posting frequency. Regular posting is also the shortest and most genuine way to become popular over internet. If you publish post on certain interval of time regularly then the chances to be crawled by search engine increases with very large amount. It also help you to convert visitors to your loyal readers.

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3. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the most powerful mechanism which not only increases the PageRank ability of you blog but also increases the no of pageviews on your blog. By linking your site internally with relative articles you can make visitors stay on your sit for long time and will also decrease bounce rate of your blog. Google loves the site which uses the internal linking to keep crawler busy on their site. It will also skyrocket the chances of crawling speed of you site. If your site have many links internally connected then whenever Google comes to your site it will go to all your links will leads to better indexing.

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4. External Linking

External linking is also as important as internal linking. If you are writing a tutorial then you can link other sources for other information about a specific topic like I can link to Wikipedia for “What are External Links”. Linking sites externally will not decrease your ranking, traffic and anything else at all. If you will link a site for a detailed report externally then site will be given priority on that particular keyword if your rankings are nearly equal to that site. And always use “rel=nofollow” to external link to minimize the bounce of search engine from your site.

These are the basic factors on which PageRank depends. You should work on then one by one to increase your trust rank or say Google Page Rank.


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