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How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog

Hello Guys! We all know that rush in the field of blogging is increasing very fast and if you want to make your blog running smoothly then you have to focus on few things which helps your blog to grow in today’s giant blogosphere. Few  of them are SEO, Writing Skill and most importantly Traffic. Yes! traffic is the backbone of any blog / website. Today traffic generating is not a hurdle on the road of blogging. There are many ways like Related Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Social Media Submission and many others which can help you in generating traffic to your blog. But today we are going to talk about tracking traffic in your blog. Everybody blogger loves to know about their visitors and for this Google Analytics is best solution.


Google Analytics gives a detailed report of our traffic like Unique Visitors, Total Pageviews, Referring Sites, Online Visitors and a lot more. Now let’s talk about its integration in Blogger Blogs.

Installing Google Analytics to your Blogger blog

Google Analytics can be installed in any blogger blog within a minute and without any difficulties. So lets add this to your blogs.

Step 1: Login to Google Analytics.

Step 2: Create a new account of your Property in blogger.


Step 3: Fill the form as above and click on Get Tracking Id.


Step 4: Now you will see a tracking code like this.Copy this tracking code


Step 5: Go to your blogger dashboard and navigate to Settings >> Other


Step 6: Paste your copied tracking code in “Analytics Web Property ID” and Click On Save Settings.


You are all done! Now your blog is monitored by Google Analytics.

You can check your traffic details by logging in your Analytics Account.

Note:- Sometimes it takes around 24 hours to get some graphs in your Analytics Reports but if you have a high traffic flow then everything is ok.

Help & Support

I have used images to illustrate everything clearly but still if you feeling trouble in adding analytics code to your blog then just drop a comment below. I am always here to help you. If this article was helpful then please take some seconds to share it with your friends. Thank You.


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