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How to add your Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is the another most used free service used by millions of bloggers and web developers. It offers various features which helps us to improve the performance of our blog in the search engine eyes. Therefore if you want a good reputation in search engines environment then you must use Google Webmaster Tools. But first let me introduce you with some of the priceless features of this free service…

Some features Of Google Webmaster Tools

There are many features of this tool but i will mark only some most important of them. So lets start.
Feature 1: Fetch as Google
                  This tool will help you to get indexed and found by Google in couple of minutes. Just enter your Blog URL and click on Fetch and you're ready to go.
Feature 2: Sitemap Submission
                  If you have hundred of pages and want to index them all in search engine then use this tool to submit your sitemap to Google and wait for the Google bot to access and index your page.
Feature 3: Google Rich Snippet tool
                  This is another great tool which helps you to see how your site is looking in Google search result. It is mostly used to put star rating of blog post in search result.
Feature 4: Crawl Errors
                  Crawl Errors let you know the errors caused when Google bot was accessing your site. You can notice the errors and fix them for smooth access of Google bot in your blog.
Feature 5: robots.txt Testing Tool
                 You must already know about robots.txt but if not then read ahead. robots.txt is a text file which tells the Search Engine bot which page to index and which page to leave.
There are tons of more feature available in Google’s Webmaster Tools.You must check them out but first lets add your blog to Google Webmaster Tools.

Add your Blog to Google Webmaster Tool

Adding your blog to GWT(Google Webmaster Tools) is really a two step work in which you just have to go to the webmasters website and click on “Add a site”. Now let’s see the pictorial tutorial to add your blog to GWT.
Step 1: Go to Google Webmaster Tools.
Step 2: Click on the red “ADD A SITE” button.

Step 3: Enter your blogger blog URL and Click On “Continue

Note:- You can also add your non blogger blog like Wordpress, Magneto, Tumblr and any other website but you will have to verify your ownership by placing a chunk of code in your every page or by uploading a small file to your site’s root directory.

Final Words

GWT can help you to rank you blog in Google and other Search Engine also, so still if you are not using GWT then go ahead and hold your position in the Search result. And if you are facing any problem regarding GWT then please comment here. We would love to help you. 


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