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You Should Use Both XML and RSS Sitemaps for Best Result - Google

Use RSS and XML Sitemaps for best results

We already discussed about what sitemaps are and how to use this with Google Webmaster Tools. Sitemaps are very important for every site which wants to be crawled by search engine. They enables crawlers to discover all your pages and index them every time when they change. Suppose if you have submitted a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and when next time you will update your content Google will automatically notice that you have published something and they will crawl your new pages as soon as possible.
There are many types of sitemap available like XML, RSS or Atom. But Recently Google announces that you should use both XML and RSS/Atom Sitemaps for best result in search engine crawling and indexing.

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Why Use XML Sitemaps?

XML Sitemaps are usually very large as compared to RSS/Atom Sitemaps but there are many benefits of using XML sitemaps like they provide whole set of URL which makes crawling easy.

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Why Use RSS/Atom Sitemaps?

RSS/Atom sitemaps are in fashion now. Most of the blogs are using RSS/Atom sitemap because it is small in size, crawled more frequently than XML Sitemaps and contains most recent updates only.
You can read Full Article at Google Webmaster Central Official Blog.


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