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Minimum Requirements To Get Google Adsense Approval

Eligiblity of adsense approval
Every blogger desires to create a money making blog but it is not that easy these day due to lot of rush and spamming in the field of blogging. Almost every newbie get trapped in the black hat methods of earning money and lose their blog and blogging career too. But let me clear that none of the black hat method can succeed in earning money. So you must use a genuine way to earn money with your blog if you want to continue earning for a long time. This time you will learn about the Minimum Requirements To Get an AdSense Verified Account. We are just going to take you through some basic requirements for applying for AdSense, but first lets read some words about Google AdSense.
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A Word About Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a Google product launched in March 2003. It is a advertising network to help publishers to earn money with their websites. It is also known for its highest paying rates and Banning account if rules are not followed strictly. They pay on various basis like Per-Click and Per-Impression.
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Eligibility To Participate In AdSense

1. You Must Own a Website
    Before you start thinking of AdSense, you will need a website in order to participate in this program. You can also get a AdSense account and Approval too with your YouTube account but earnings will be very slow through you tube account. And if you will have a Website with decent amount of traffic then you will pass the first level with very ease.
2. You Must Be 18+ In Order To Apply For AdSense
    This is the must have requirement without which you can’t proceed to next step. If you are still under 18 and have a good website then you will have to wait till you reach 18. It is because you earnings will be sent to you through check and if you are below 18 years then you cannot use this cheque to credit the amount in your bank account.
3. Your Blog Must Be At Least 6 Months Old
    This requirement is only for some location like India and China. If you are from India or China then you must have to Own you blog for 6 Months before submitting it for Approval. Google makes this requirements because these two location are very famous in Click Fraud and other Spamming activities also they want to maintain quality of their advertising network therefore they are giving you enough time to run your blog at its top speed.
4. You Blog Must Follow AdSense Program Policies
We cannot tell you their exact policies because they always keep changing their AdSense Program Policies. But here is some important points which you should keep in mind if you don’t want to loose your AdSense account after getting Approval.
  • Invalid clicks and impressions
  • Encouraging clicks
  • Copyrighted material
  • Ad behavior
  • Site behavior
  • Ad placements
  • and many more…
NOTE:- All of the above requirements are most important if you want to apply for AdSense. Additionally there are many other requirements but those comes second. You must fulfill this list, if you not followed any one of them then be sure that your application will be rejected.
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Final Words

These are some very basic needs you will have to fulfill before even thinking of AdSense. If i missed anything then let me know via comments and also share this article with your friends if you liked this article.
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